Überraschungsauftritte 2004/2005

29.01.2005 Llandudno, Wales - Gathering XIII 
Under The Sun, Fountainhead, State Of Independence, Where Do You Want To Go?, This Life, Heavy Rain, Alive, Trafficking (The Alarm), Wild Flower (The Cult), I Never Left I Only Went Away, Fire Woman (The Cult), 45RPM (The Alarm), Zugabe: Sun King (The Cult), Sold Me Down The River (The Alarm), Change I (The Alarm), Fade In Fade Out Fade Away  
29.08.2004 Wrexham, Wales - 2. Mike Peters Alarmstock  
Under The Sun, Fade In Fade Out Fade Away, She Sells Sanctuary (The Cult)  

Tourdaten 1999

16.01.1999 Llandudno, Wales - Gathering VII 
Intro, Under The Sun, Where Do You Want To Go?, Strength (The Alarm), State Of Independence, Fountainhead, For The Love Of, Rain (The Cult), This Perfection (This Life), Fade In Fade Out Fade Away, Heavy Rain, Alive, She Sells Sanctuary (The Cult), 68 Guns (The Alarm) 
29.05.1999 Coloursound Day - Wales 
09.10.1999 London - LA2 Album Launch Gig 
15.10.1999 VH1 UK - Talk Music  
17.10.1999 VH1 UK - Talk Music  
19.10.1999 VH1 UK - Talk Music  
21.10.1999 VH1 UK - Talk Music  

Tourdaten 1998

09.01.1998 Llandudno, Wales - Gathering VI 
19.03.1998 Austin, Texas - Atomic Cafe 
25.03.1998 Los Angeles, CA - The Viper Room 
14.04.1998 New York - Mercury Lounge 
21.07.1998 Galway Festival, Irland 
31.08.1998 Greenbelt Festival (CS Auftritt anstatt des geplanten Mike Peters Solo Auftritts) 
20.09.1998 Manchester, UK - University Hop & Grape  
21.09.1998 London, UK - Camden Barfly  
26.09.1998 Rothbury, UK - Clennel Hall  
28.09.1998 London, UK - Camden Barfly  
29.09.1998 Leeds, UK - Duchess of York 
01.10.1998 Aberdeen, UK - The Works 
02.10.1998 Glasgow, UK - King Tuts 
03.10.1998 Llangollen, UK - Snowdonation The Royal International Pavillion 
05.10.1998 London, UK - Camden Barfly  
17.11.1998 Fast Lane, New Jersey - Ashbury Park 
18.11.1998 New York, NY - Life 
13.12.1998 Bradford, UK - Rios 
14.12.1998 Birmingham, UK - Foundry 
15.12.1998 London, UK Camden Palace