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26.11.2004 NFD - live in Bournemouth - Blackmachine / The Villa
Review & pics by Dave Chinery - thanks Dave!

Blackmachine is a club about all things goth and it happens at the Villa nightclub in Bournemouth every last Friday in the month. It gives people the opportunity to dress up put on their make-up and dance to some of the best goth sounds around. Also from time to time some top class bands also put in an appearance. Tonight the locals were in for a treat NFD were in town.
NFD are a band formed from members of Sensorium, The Nefilim and the ledge Fields of the Nephilim and they carry on with a similar style of epic atmospheric songs with growling vocals. At midnight the band hit the stage which was shrouded in dry ice. Drums, bass and guitar rumbled and the impressive set got underway.
The gig was for the launch of NFD's new album "No Love Lost" available from Jungle Records and most of tonight's set consisted of tracks from the album. "Unleashed" was the set opener and is the 3rd track from the 1st ep "Break the Silence". For me the highlight of the evening was the epic 9 minute long title track from the e.p. It is a fantastic track which never seems to end and Peter Bob White's amazing vocals were delivered perfectly along with the 3 electric guitars on stage. Tony Pettitt bass playing had the same qualities and atmosphere as when he was in Fields of the Nephilm.
Just to stand there with your eyes closed letting the music and the atmosphere wash over you was an amazing experience.The band put in an amazing performance tonight and impressed tonight's audience no end.
The set ended with 2 Fields of the Nephilim's singles "Psychonaut" and "Preacher Man" to the delight of most of the audience. A small mosh pit formed at the front as many of the crowd danced to the more familiar numbers.

NFD are an amazing experience live and hopefully will grow over the coming months as the word is spread , moving out of the shadow of the mighty Fields of the Nephilim is something which will come with time.

Set list

Darkness Falls
Move in Closer
Break the Silence
Preacher Man